We believe that self-education yields the highest ROI (Return On Investment) for silver, uranium, and gold investing.​

We keep our service affordable and accessible to as many people as possible to help them get ahead, and even prosper, as the greatest global debt binge in all history unwinds.

Our primary goal is to help everyday hard-working people achieve financial independence, so that they have the time freedom to pursue life’s higher callings; things of eternal significance.

Silver Chartist

Financial Independence + Profit for Purpose

Silver Chartist aims to help silver, uranium, and gold investors amplify long-term gains while also generating income and mitigating risk.

Founder and investment expert Steve Penny shares honest guidance through real-time financial market alerts and over-the-shoulder reviews of portfolios and charts so members of the free weekly chartpack can develop:

PRO members get full insider access to Steve’s portfolio and teachings, a private community, and even regular mastermind calls for up to date guidance and feedback. 

Lead an independent and sustainable lifestyle where your family can be financially independent.  Join our community of like-minded investors for full insider access.

Just $11/month or $99 for the year
about silver chartist

About Steve Penny

Investment expert, public speaker, Bible teacher, Air Force Pilot – Steve Penny wears many hats. Despite how you know him, one thing is clear – Steve cares passionately about helping people like you have the freedom to pursue life’s higher callings, things of eternal significance.

Steve knows that traditional education, like colleges and universities, doesn’t teach how the global financial system actually works with respect to debt-based fiat currency, the Petrodollar System, and the Federal Reserve. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be a Wall Street insider to prosper in this environment.

Steve is committed to sharing his years of experience and knowledge with good people who want a great shot at life so they can truly prosper, have the time freedom to pursue their greater purpose, and give back to their communities.

Get access to Steve’s insights and work toward making your investment goals a reality. Join the free weekly newsletter to begin to experience your profit potential.

Media + Inquiries

Steve Penny has been featured on Palisade’s Gold Radio, I Love Prosperity, and Silver Bullion TV. He’s taught thousands of people how to use his proven strategies to grow their portfolios and build wealth for purpose. To inquire about Steve’s availability to speak for your event or organization, email support@silverchartist.com.

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